‘LEGO Worlds’ Delayed a Few Days After Launch

Those who are waiting for the release of Lego Worlds for some of the current platforms, dated February 24, should wait a few more days to become a master builder and unleash their imagination in this particular game. This game belongs to a well-known franchise in which we can build in the most pure ‘Minecraft’ style, being able to share our designs with the other players so that they also participate with their creativity in the development of our particular world,

As you can see through the various stores, the launch of the title for compatible Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is delayed only a few days, until next March 10, although the reasons for this delay have not been released by the company, who also work to bring Nintendo Switch, whose launch is scheduled for March. This particular vision and use of the well-known parts of the franchise, which in recent years has become a reference creating its own genre, to which have been pointed out sagas as ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or personages pertaining to the universe of the comic of DC.

In this delivery we will be able to build in totally open environments and, once built, to play in cooperative or competitive way with other players making use of all type of pieces and vehicles, from submarines to spaceships, passing through earth vehicles and animals on which we ride like a rider.

The version of the same title for Nintendo Switch does not have an official date of release to the market, although in any case, users of PlayStation 4 will be the only ones with early access.


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