Lenovo Yoga A12: A Tablet with Interesting Design and Affordable Price

As expected, Lenovo unveiled its Yoga A12 tablet. In line with the Yoga Book, the latter uses the famous Halo keyboard, but without the graphics tablet.

It takes up the lines of the Yoga Book, but it is not a Yoga Book. Finally, the first publications proved to be true. The Lenovo Yoga A12 is a 12.2-inch Android HD tablet with two Dolby Atmos speakers, an Intel Atom x5 processor with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and a battery that is supposed to be able to navigate approximately 13 hours with a single charge. This does not seem to be a bad tablet, but with its HD definition, it is sadly relegated to entry-level tablets segment especially on a 12.2-inch screen.

It’s not just a story of features, it’s a story of ease of use. A 12.2-inch tablet stands about 45 centimeters from the eyes. The A12 Yoga has a screen definition too small compared to the size of its diagonal, especially for its price of 300 dollars in the United States.

But, there are not only negative points, it is extremely thin, 5.4 mm at its thinnest edge. This is not all: thanks to its hinge, the device is able to convert into four modes of work. It has a great design made up of magnesium and aluminum, which must certainly give it an upscale sensation in hand.

Finally, the Halo Keyboard (full name: Instant Halo Keyboard), which we saw in the Yoga Book, is present. It is a full keyboard whose keys are printed on a tactile zone with haptic feedback. Less comfortable than a real keyboard, this keyboard still allows a faster and accurate typing than a simple touch screen. Unfortunately, this touch pad does not offer the same performance as the Yoga Book, it will not be supplied with the Real Pen, which is very regrettable.

On the side of the OS, it embeds Android with an interesting personalization, it integrates some pieces of code of Phoenix OS. This version of Android introduces two essential elements of an OS for PC, an adaptable multi-window management system, such as macOS, Windows and Linux, as well as a taskbar. Personally, I would have liked to find this type of product on Chrome OS, especially with the latest versions it could have been an interesting Chromebook.

It will be certainly possible to meet this device at the MWC at the end of the month. The sale is scheduled this week in the United States for 300 dollars. No information for Europe at present, we will investigate and let you know.


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