LG G6 Specifications: A Water Resistant terminal with 5.7-Inch FullVision Display

The LG G6 is already among us. Just a few hours ago we brought you all the news of the new flagship of LG for 2017, and now, finally, our colleagues we have been able to enjoy the LG G6 for a few minutes, enough to know complete specifications of the smartphone.

As you know, the LG G6 is the star terminal of LG for this first half of the year. It is a somewhat more conservative device than the previous G5, which loses the concept of modularity, but acquires other important aspects such as resistance to water and dust. It has a screen with a format different from what we are accustomed and more interesting features that we come to see below in more detail.

LG G6 Side Frames

As we mentioned, the LG G6 has lost the concept of modularity and is a more conventional device. This does not necessarily have to be bad, because we are dealing with a very attractive phone that has many other qualities that the high-end of this year reigns.


LG has decided to give its new flagship a design somewhat different to what we were accustomed to the G5. Not only have we lost the concept of modularity, but we are faced with a large screen terminal, but with body content, in fact, its size is comparable to a terminal with a screen of 5.2 inches. Its frame is made of aluminum, it is resistant to water and dust and will arrive in several different finishes, these being silver, black and white gloss.

Although we will speak in more detail of this aspect in the next point, it is necessary to emphasize the great work of LG in the reduction of the minimum of the screen frames. This gives us a sensation of complete immersion thanks to its large panel.

One of the strengths of the new LG G6 is its 5.7-inch panel with Quad HD + resolution and FullVision technology delivers spectacular colors, brightness and viewing angles, as well as the immersive feel previously mentioned thanks to its small rounded picture frames and corners.

To make matters worse, LG has worked side by side with Dolby to offer an even better experience thanks to technologies HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. LG has also announced that there is already content in 18: 9 format in the main video streaming services, with which to be able to squeeze the most of the panel of this LG G6.

Software of LG G6

LG has completely renovated the software of its terminal to adapt it to the new times. The new version of LG UX is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, and will be the first non-Pixel terminal to count with Google Assistant from the moment of its launch.


A few minutes are not enough to squeeze the performance of a smartphone to the maximum. Be that as it may, the well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and LG software based on Android 7.1 is a safe bet and we are sure that the performance of this terminal will live up to the best of year.


An event of this nature is not the best scenario for thorough testing of the device’s camera. Still, thanks to a first contact with the LG G6’s 13 megapixel double camera with wide angle, we can safely say that the photographic section of this terminal will give a lot to talk about throughout the year.


We only had a few minutes with the terminal to know that, in effect, we are before a spectacular smartphone, able to make us forget the little disappointment that we had last year with the LG G5.

Still, we will have to see how it affects the choice of a relatively old processor, as well as the stiff competition that the LG G6 has ahead. Only time will be able to answer these questions, and from here, all we can do is wait and continue discovering the news that the MWC 2017 awaits us.


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