LG Publishes its Results for the Last Quarter of 2016 With Heavy Losses In Its Mobile Division


LG has published its results for the last quarter of 2016, in which its mobile division had losses of 223.98 million dollars, a clear symptom that something is not right, and that LG should worry.

Unfortunately for the Korean company, LG no longer has a position as privileged as a few years ago in the smartphone sector. LG puts a high price on it terminals, while in that range many people prefer buying smartphone of other company. Perhaps because of the jump in the sale of mid-range smartphones, or perhaps simply because it has been surpassed by other companies like Samsung, has lead to heavy losses to LG.

Good proof of this is the balance of results the company has just published, in which we can see that its division of smartphones has had quite poor results for such a renown company.

The LG G5 is guilty in most of these results, which despite being a very interesting and balanced terminal, has not been very well received by the public, probably because of its design change leaving behind the narrow frames and the back buttons, or perhaps for a modular bet that is quite annoying to the user, compared to other terminals like the Lenovo Moto Z.

However, LG has achieved good results in other areas such as home-made products or in the manufacture of components for vehicles, which has been one of its main sources of income.

Overall, the company announced a total profit of $ 1.16 billion in 2016, a 12% increase over 2015, so the company should not worry about its other activities, which we see are doing good business.

However, it would not hurt to give a twist to its smartphone bet, both in the mid-range and the high-end, where soon we see if the LG G6 can overcome the Samsung Galaxy S8, something necessary for LG to resume flight after the failure of the LG G5.


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