LG shows its new Smart TV webOS 3.5 platform in a video

LG’s Smart TV platform has always been one of the most intuitive and comfortable to handle. Now the company has shown its new Smart TV webOS 3.5 platform, which provides greater simplicity of use and greater ease of access to the contents.

The first of the novelties is called “My Buttons”, which offers a series of shortcuts to quickly access applications or television programs. Each key on the remote control (1 to 9) can be associated with an application, or a channel. With a long press of the buttons you can access the associated content without having to go through any additional menu.

The second novelty is “Magic Link”, a new type of contextual search. If you are watching a TV program and start Magic Link, the TV automatically starts a search for all related content based on the information contained in the EPG (Electronic Guide to Television Programs). The results are YouTube videos, web pages and other television shows.

With “Magic Zoom Recording” it is possible to zoom in and record (on USB memories) only a portion of the screen. The last of the features announced is “360-degree PLAY”, whose name is rather indicative of the operation. In practice, you can view photos and videos taken at 360 °. To move within the content you use the pointer controlled by Magic Remote.

WebOS 3.5 will be available on new TVs in the 2017 range, both OLED and LCD. Watch the official video presented by LG:


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