LG shows UX 6.0 for LG G6 in a new video

There are some doubts about the presentation of the LG G6 that have increased after knowing that probably the new smartphone of the brand would integrate a Snapdragon 821 processor due to the lack of stock of the new chips. However, the Korean brand remains firm in its marketing campaign now showing what would be the UX of LG G6 that we will see in the Barcelona MWC.

LG is increasing the hype of its new phone showing the most striking novelties that would come with the LG G6. Much of the marketing of the device is oriented to talk about its large screen that we have already seen on occasion and now with a video where it shows the features of its new UX 6.0 bet for what they have termed as “Full Vision”.

We know that the LG G6 will feature a 5.7-inch QHD + display, resulting in a screen resolution of 2880 × 1440 with an 18: 9 aspect ratio that allows the user to work with the smartphone in a much more comfortable way. This is something that also helps to bring total absence of frames around the panel promoting the ergonomics of the phone.

As briefly shown in the previous video, the LG G6, UX 6.0 software will take advantage of the screen in new ways. There will be new experiences for users when it comes to enjoying videos and other multimedia content, although we do not know exactly what features they would add. The same happens with the new interface of the camera that “takes advantage” of the big screen of the smartphone.

Of course the boast of a large screen with this aspect ratio has a direct impact on the multitasking of Android 7.0, the operating system behind the LG G6 software. This way we can manage the camera while we consult other applications, one of the hallmarks of LG and its personalization layer.

The video also allows us to take a look at the phone application of the LG G6. This video shares only a few details, so we have no choice but to wait 10 days for the smartphone to appear officially and discover all the surprises that the company has prepared in its new flagship.


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