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Likee App Your Doorway to Stardom

Likee app previously known as like app is making a shift in consuming content on the internet. All of you started with written forms that are blogs, articles, stories, etc.

After that podcast started but in recent time the video segment is getting popular than any other. Right now the market is flooded with budget segment smartphones and thanks to fast internet speed that is making videos much more happening than any other.

Even most of you are on social media platforms spending daily time of your life on these platforms. No, I am not talking about those who spend the entire day on facebook or Instagram in getting more followers

But those who check social media after spending a tiring day to get some refreshments. Day are gone when people use to watch only nowadays people want to show their creativity and Likee app is providing an opportunity to show your talent. 


What is Likee?

Likee is previously known as like app is a popular global original and video sharing platform as mentioned on Google Play store. The likee app has a wide range of inbuilt stickers, affects, Music magic filters.

All these help you create a lively video without much hues and cry Yes, Likee allows you to create a video on a single click. You can also use advanced features to create a music video or a comic play. Sharing it in your social circles that can easily trend making you a star. 

Features of Likee APP

The features of Likee App are as follows:

Things to know about Likee App Before Using It?

First thing to know before using the app is only about social media. This is considered as a video sharing platform but as soon you joined the platform you will realize it is essential to follow.

Yup… as you joins you need to follow 10 people for getting started on the platform. Anyone can comment or like any random video as no approval is needed, just some privacy restrictions that are mentioned below. You also have to provide acess to your contacts in order to get more friends. 

Likee App is Focused On Popularity

As you start using the app it will bound you to post video, watch, like in order to achieve higher levels. Get more followers send and receive gifts all are the part of app basic functions.

At every level, you will receive rewards like enabling to do a live stream, get access to use special filters, etc. For getting cash you have redeem beans that will be deposited in your bank account after completing the process. On average, the process will take around 20-25 days to complete.

Fraud People

As like is an open platform anyone use the platform after filling basic registration formalities. There are several people on the platform that can be friendly but dangerous at same time.

As they are eyeing on your money, kid etc if you are a parent must keep and eye on your kid and consult him in order to make him aware of these types of fraud persons available on Platform.

Minimum Account Privacy

You must know that while using Likee app there is no way to private your account. That makes it vulnerable as no control or part of your account you don’t want to share with audience. Only a single thing that is available is to turn off people comment. To do that tap profile picture>Settings>Privacy> choose to disable. 

Pros of Likee App

Cons of Likee App

Download Procedure 

For Android

You can download App on your Android device or smartphone by following steps given below:

For iOS

To downalod, the likee app on iOS devices follow the steps given below:

Final Words

That’s all for today, I hope you find the information helpful and will refer it to your friends and family members. Likee app is a great platform to grow inner ability of aspiring talents also a platform to showcase your talent without need of any monetary investment.

If you still feel any confusion or doubt mention it in the comment box below. I team will try their best to get an appropriate solution in our upcoming blogs.

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