Limited Run Games to launch limited edition physical copy of ‘Broken Age’ for PS4 and Vita

Broken age

Limited Run Games has announced that on June 9 the physical edition of ‘Broken Age’ for PS4 and Vita will be released at a price of $ 30 USD. They will also release a game art book for $ 35 USD and a Hexipal Teddy for $ 15 USD.

This online store specializes in the distribution of very limited runs of independent video games in physical format, always exclusively for PlayStation consoles. Its latest ads include games like ‘Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap’ and ‘Furi’ both for PS4 and Vita. You can consult other games that have been published from this link to their discontinued products.

‘Broken Age’ is the latest graphic adventure developed and published by Double Fine, the studio of Tim Schafer that sought with this license to resurrect the spirit of his classics, among which are the best names of the genre.

The fans of the previous works of the study verified that the work failed in several points, being the most remarkable structure of the graphical adventure when combining puzzles and narrative of a coherent and amusing way. In spite of this the general reception was quite positive, thanks in part, to the long awaited suffering of players until seeing these masters of the genre again in action.

The early edition of ‘Broken Age’ told the story of two teenagers with no immediate apparent connection and each of them seeking to break the traditions that were engraved in their life. This is a sort of story that many players could connect to and hence the games large fan following. Now the launch of the limited edition physical copy of ‘Broken Age’ for PS4 and Vita is bringing back memories for some and for others its ending the long awaited suffering to see these masters of the genre in action once again.


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