Line for Android is Not Dead, This Is Your Last Update

Line app

It might interest you: LINE adds profile videos, animated GIFs, free phone calls, events and it was the alternative to WhatsApp even before Telegram arrived. It was loved by many and hated by many others, but do not forget that it marked a lot in instant messaging with its breakthrough arrival from South Korea. When we say that it is dead we are referring, of course, in the West because in Japan it is one of the most used applications above even WhatsApp or Telegram.

One of the big problems of the instant messaging application is that the sending of photos or videos was not very comfortable due to certain restrictions imposed by the application. One of them is that we could not send many files at once and that to send any we had to leave the application.

With the new update we can send up to 50 images and 5 videos at the same time. We have a section of the WhatsApp or Telegram-style application where we can select the images we want to send, which makes it much easier to share any image / video because, among other things, we do not have to leave the application to do it.

Another update is that now we can enjoy video profiles from the timeline itself, so that the application increasingly resembles a social network. We have not been able to see any other changes, or at least since its previous version. The update, which receives the 7.0.0 numbering, has only reached the operating system of the big G, at the moment. It has not yet made a presence in iOS, but can do so at any time.


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