LineageOS 14.1 in its Official Version for the OnePlus One is Already Here

One PLus One

Perhaps one of the most representative terminals of its year, the OnePlus One caught many people unprepared. The company came out of nowhere with an aggressive – and essentially free – marketing through social media. Despite having its faults and not being perfect, the OnePlus One conquered the hearts of many users.

Almost three years later, the OnePlus One continues to fight, although logically not as on the first day, which could be because it no longer receives substantial updates from OnePlus. Fortunately, this could be no more than a drawback of the past. Soon, as we have learned thanks to The Android Soul, the OnePlus One has received official support of LineageOS 14.1

Keep your OnePlus One up to date with LineageOS 14.1

Yes, good news comes for those who still enjoy their OnePlus Ones. Apparently, the group previously known as Cyanogen, has decided to support this mythical phone, which began its adventures in the Android world with software from the same company.

Despite being official support, it should be noted that the ROM is still in beta state. This means that, although it can be used for daily use, LineageOS 14.1 for the OnePlus One can lead to some problem, although not very serious.
If you want to download the zip file with LineageOS 14.1, you can do it from here. In addition to this file, you will also need to download the well-known Gapps, necessary to make use of services like Google Play Store. The process to install this ROM in the OnePlus One could not be simpler.

First, transfer the downloaded files to your device. Restart your OnePlus One in Recovery Mode and restore the terminal to factory settings by erasing memory. Once this is done, select the file containing LineageOS 14.1 and click on Install. Confirm the process and once done, perform a cache / dalvik deletion. Now repeat the process but with Google Apps.

If you follow the process and everything runs correctly, you should have the latest version of LineageOS on your device. So you can enjoy a breath of fresh air in the software section of your smartphone.


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