Link’s green suit will also be featured in ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

There is nothing left to have the Nintendo Switch with us. And better yet, to finally have ‘Zelda: Breath of The Wild’, the first major release of the saga we received from ‘A Link Between Worlds’ for 3DS in 2013. It will also be the first in many other things: First for Wii U, for Switch, the first to be completely open world, to have voices for all dialogues and, most subtle of all, the first one in which Link’s main suit is not green. But be rest assured, it will remain.

Nintendo has asked Eiji Aonuma a number of questions over the last few years, including one about the characteristic green suit that Link has always worn since his first NES adventure, ‘Breath of the Wild’.

Aonuma has replied that we will also be able to dress him in a green suit like the one he has always worn. In fact, we will have the possibility of putting all kinds of clothes, since we will get them as a reward for missions. In short, Link will not always wear the same dress throughout our game, but his clothing will be a malleable element that fits the advantages and disadvantages provided by each suit.

But those are not the only novelties that we have of the new delivery carried out by the Hyliano of pointy ears. It turns out that there are lot of new catches of the game, the game has another final boss that has not been revealed even in the trailers. After warning of possible minor spoilers, we urge you to see them all in the compilation they have done in Nintendo Everything.


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