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How Live Casino Technology Helps Bring You Closer to the Action

For those who enjoy the thrill of gambling, there’s nothing quite like the immersive experience of a real casino. Until recently, anyway.

These days, online casinos are causing a stir within the gambling community as they bridge the divide between traditional live casinos and simple flash games.

As online casinos are increasingly regulated, consumers feel safer when depositing and playing with real cash.

If you are one of the guy who wants to build gambling sites and wants to attract users on your website, then it’s necessity to work on top 5 games in gambling industry.

However, online casinos are still looking for ways to attract the crowd that tend to prefer placing their chips down on physical tables. In recent years, this has led to major improvements in live casino technology that bring you closer to the action.

But before talking about live casino technology, you need to understand the meaning of live casino.

What is Live Casino?

Here, live casino refers to the online gambling based on traditional casino games. In traditional games, one needs to go in real casino to enjoy the game but with the live casino technology, you don’t need to go anywhere, you can still get the real time experience sitting somewhere in your office or your home.

Now, the question is “How live casino technology works?”, “What are the improvements have been made yet?”

How Live Casino technology Works?

Compared to real regular casinos, live casino technology gives so many benefits to their players such as the bets are returned and taken immediately, you can choose your table an the group of peoples you want to play with, and so on!

5 Major Improvements in Live Casino Technology

Real-time Dealing

One of the downfalls of simple online casino games was their seemingly lacking sense of personality. Pressing the ‘deal’ or ‘spin’ button repeatedly doesn’t give off the immersive vibes you expect from a brick-built casino.

Live casino technology has changed this because players can now see real-time dealing taking place in front of their eyes. This provides a gambling pace like one you’d find in a traditional casino and gives off less of a ‘rigged’ vibe, even if things were legit beforehand anyway.

Host and Guest Interaction

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Likewise, live casino technology has paved the way for online interaction between hosts and guests. Players can now talk to each other and the live dealer casually through chat boxes and this provides a much more immersive social experience that was previously reserved for those who could be bothered to get dressed and visit an actual casino.

Open Results

One of the benefits of a brick-built casino is that they provide a sense of excitement when others are seen celebrating big wins. The ‘that could be me’ moment is something that is completely lacking in online flash games, but this has changed with improvements to live casino technology.

Players can now see how others are getting on as results are often displayed on screen after each round has been played. The ‘that could be me’ moment can well and truly return when the high rollers turn up and start winning big money.

This adds a level of excitement that was missing when the technology was lacking previously.

Background Immersion

A subtle addition to live casino technology in recent years is the much-improved background details. In previous instalments of live online casinos, players had the benefit of seeing a host behind a table but that was about it.

However, players can now see other tables and hosts playing a range of games in the background and this makes it feel like you’re playing in an actual casino.

High Definition Graphics

Similarly, graphics have become more important as smartphones and computers continue to improve. Simple online slots have been replaced by high-quality, interactive games from the likes of NetEnt.

However, casino games tended to lag in this department with 2D, bland tables filling screens in an uninspiring manner. This was perhaps because table games are so simple at their core, but live casino games required a much-needed update.

As such, live casino technological improvements have added immersive chip graphics, but the real treat is provided by clever greenscreens that make the user feel like they are sat in an actual casino.

Of course, the hosts are likely sat in a basic room with a simple table, but it’s all about the illusion, and that’s certainly something that has improved.

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Final Words:

In last 20 years, Internet have changed almost everything and so, playing online casino games. No one wants to ruin their offline experience but they wants to enhance their experience, enhance their way of playing through the live casino technology.

I hope, this article helped you in one or other way that “How live casino technology gives you immersive experience of a real casino in online world?’

If you have any question or any suggestion, please feel free to ask!

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