Lucio is now available in ‘Heroes of The Storm’

Blizzard has it really easy to develop characters for ‘Heroes of the Storm’, given the large number of emblematic characters he has created over the years in his great titles, being ‘Overwatch’ the most recent and the one that sends new personages to the Nexus, like Zarya and Tracer, that were the first two incorporations.

Following his announcement and passing through the public Heroes of The Storm server, Lucio is now available within the game, being the third hero of ‘Overwatch’ to enter the Nexus.

To play with Lucio, we will have buy it with cash, paying 15,000 gold or 10 €, in case we do not have enough gold.

Like all new characters, comes two extra aspects and the corresponding recolors for each of its three aspects. Unlike Tracer and Zarya, Lucio will feature one of his legendary aspects of ‘Overwatch’ and not just the exclusive aspects of ‘Heroes of the Storm’ that many would like to see inside the Blizzard shooter.

Lucio abilities within the Blizzard MOBA will be similar to those found in ‘Overwatch’.


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