Lucio will be the Next Character in Overwatch to Join Heroes of the Storm

The rhythm and music will arrive sooner rather than later to ‘Heroes of the Storm’ thanks to the incorporation of Lucio, one of the support characters extracted from ‘Overwatch’. The DJ, who seeks to guide his music with a social revolution, now wants to revolutionize the Nexo and Blizzard has already released his presentation video where we can see a little of his skills, which will not differ much from the ones he uses in his own home.

‘Heroes of the Storm’ continues to recruit fighters for the Nexus and has again pull the Overwatch template to expand theirs. The Blizzard MOBA already has two fighters coming from this game (Tracer and Zarya) and does not intend to leave this quarry so powerful, at least for now. The Californian company has already presented a small advance of the next personage of ‘Overwatch’ that will tread nexal terrain.

Lucio will be joining the, more than ample, already available Hero Heroes that are in ‘Heroes of the Storm’. This character uses sound waves to apply benefits to his peers, therefore its operation does not go too much within the MOBA, only that these effects will be applied only in a limited area. You can also walk the walls of buildings on the map, do not worry.

The Brazilian DJ has no date of arrival yet to the definitive game, but the privileged who have access to the Public Realms of Testing can begin to play it from next February 6. Blizzard has shared a video where it presents Lucio and we see a little what he is able to do.


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