MacBooster 4 Review: Enjoy a faster and safer Mac computer


With this post we bring you the MacBooster 4 review, an application that helps us to enjoy a faster and safer Mac computer. Although Apple computers, with Mac OS X, usually work with ease, it is no use trying to get some tool to help increase performance in order to affect the speed of the system. MacBooster takes care of this, it is an application aimed at speeding up and fine tuning the Mac OS X operating system, thus getting the computer to work faster. It also monitors possible malware infections. The tool works on memory management and even gets the one, which is no longer in use, to be released. It is also capable of boosting the login, among other interesting functions. With version 4, released just a few days ago, MacBooster has become an indispensable application.

Overview of MacBooster 4

If your Mac is not as fast as when you bought it, the startup is slow and the programs take too much to load then it’s time for maintenance!

MacBooster 4 was born as a tool for cleaning, accelerating and optimizing your Mac, with a very easy to use interface. Without getting into technical issues, simply let the software, starting by clicking the buttons and clean pulse for example, and you will start a scan for finding errors, problems and unnecessary files you want to delete. In the end, it is how much space will be freed or how many problems have to be put in place, simply by pressing the Repair button.

MacBooster 4 Features

In addition to the above, MacBooster also takes care of cleaning up junk and unwanted files thereby freeing up space on the hard disk. It is an ideal application to perform the complete uninstallation of programs, to make the system work faster, to contribute to the safe travel of the Internet, or to eliminate duplicate files.

It takes care of expanding the space on the hard disk by eliminating everything that is no longer necessary. It makes multitasking efficient by adjusting memory usage in real time, which is very important when working with applications that require large system resources or when using games. It fully protects personal information, preventing access to it for outsiders. It helps efficient management of the necessary applications.

MacBooster Search for unnecessary files

MacBooster is responsible for cleaning up to 13 different types of unnecessary files like old applications, language files, cache, download files and old installations that accumulate over the years makes even the most powerful Mac slower. This tool also finds and deletes large files that take up disk space. The same work is done with the photos that are often double and triple that accumulates disorderly in our discs. Here MacBooster is a special tool equipped to handles all this properly.

Boot Optimization, RAM and Disk Optimization

The application also features a performance-enhancing tool, which can stop low-level (and useful) services to speed up your Mac more.

RAM to pre-free times already occupied in the boot and restore the enamel to the Mac as if it were new or almost. It also improves access to the hard disk by managing the disk cache in a more advanced way than OS X.

Among other useful tools that are there also include the memory cleaner, find duplicate files, large file search, a useful uninstaller and startup optimization.

There are a lot of configuration and cleaning options which cover a wide range of sectors, so MacBooster is a useful ally to keep Mac efficient. However, it still lacks a data backup tool.


MacBooster 4 is an often overlooked but very useful tool. It should always be used when we want to remove the software that no longer serves us, in order to delete all installation files for good. This is something that OS X does not do which then results into, yes accumulation of unnecessary files and in some cases even more services at boot which in turn always slows down your Mac.

Eraser files

Secure deletion of files and documents, so that they are no longer recoverable from the hard drive and prevent them from being read by prying eyes.

How does it work?

After installing MacBooster and running it, a screen with the scan button at the bottom is displayed. It will begin the analysis of three different areas, included in the so-called System Status: Security Risks, Cleaner and Improver. In the middle of the screen, three sensors are displaying scan information, showing if there are any security risks, the size of the junk files and the problems detected by the performance monitor.

MacBooster 4 review

MacBooster 4 review or particularly what does a version 4 offer that’s new.

In addition to everything indicated, in MacBooster 4 it is possible to emphasize the following thing:

  • It manages all the elements of boot of the system, which means that the computer starts faster.
  • Recovers the RAM memory released for use again. This way the applications will work with more fluency.
  • Locates and removes large files, which impacts disk space recovery.
  • Free all junk in the space reserved for iTunes.
  • Completely removes unwanted files.
  • It removes copies of photos and all duplicates of files.
  • Add a button by default in the System Toolbar in order to manage and receive information about some of the sections that the application controls: open MacBooster, free space on the hard disk, activate Deep Clean and Quick Clean, free Memory and disposal of accumulated garbage in the recycling bin.

Download Macbooster

It is possible to use the application for 14 days for free, from there you have to buy the application for the price of $ 39.95 USD in the Lite version, to use on a single computer. There are also Standard versions for 3 Macs and Premium for 5 Macs. To have any version of the program you have to access MacBooster.


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