Makeblock Neuron, programmable blocks for children to create robots and electronic systems

Makeblock Neuron

We talked about the new LEGO robotics platform, LEGO Boost, a few days ago, a fantastic project that will allow you to build projects of various types without having advanced programming knowledge. Today they expanded content in that category by talking about Makeblock Neuron.

This is a project born in Kickstarter to allow children to join independent blocks to program actions together. It is possible, for example, to put sensors one after the other to perform some specific action to detect lack of humidity, time, voice command, detection of light or specific colors. The possibilities are very wide, and have several modules for both input and output, as well as communication and control.

These programmable robotic modular components can be assembled using a magnetic system, ideal for making custom gadgets without complicated life with connectors, and already has 30 different types of blocks, so the number of possible projects is virtually unlimited.

Blocks can be used together without any application, but we can also program them from an app on the tablet, with support even for mBlock environment based on Scratch and possibility to create external apps thanks to an open SDK for integration with other platforms.

You can connect to the Internet to create connected projects and you will also have integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services for face recognition and voice recognition. They have four different kits that group the neural blocks into themes: light assistant kit, science lab kit, explorer kit and all in one, with prices starting at $49 per kit.

Neuron can be used with LEGO and with metal parts from Makeblock, but we will only see it from June 2017 in our homes.


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