MAKERbuino, a console that we have to build ourselves


MAKERbuino is a game console different from what we are used to experience. This console is listed on Kickstarter which we have to build it ourselves.

It is a project created for children to begin to have an interest in creating in the world of technology, as it allows assembling the console from its components, develop games and get entertained with them.

MAKERbuino comes in kit form and is not as easy to assemble as a LEGO, as it requires soldering. The goal is to reach children over 11 years, as it has some complex components that need more skill and knowledge. The project, available in kickstarter, has been created by an 18 year old, and requires $ 10,000 to become reality (they already have almost 3,000).

In addition to programming own games, a user can also enjoy an existing library of games created for the GAMEbuino console, that is an inspiration for MAKERbuino. Games are not software marvels but they help to hang out, and having a $ 35 self-assembled console is much more original than having it under the home TV.

It is a project that mixes electronic and programming. It is ideal to have a good time learning something new. Here you have it on video:


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