Malicious Fallen For PS4 Will Release on February 21

Malicious Fallen

‘Malicious Fallen’ will arrive to be played on PS4 on February 21. It is the sequel to ‘Malicious Rebirth’.

A few weeks ago the game ‘Malicious Fallen’ for PS4 was announced, which would be the third installment of the small action series ‘Malicious’ that has been appearing on Sony Interactive Entertainment consoles since the PS3 era.

After first announcing last month and, secondly, showing us a trailer of this version, Alvion has announced that Malicious Fallen, one of the exclusive future of PlayStation 4, will arrive to the Sony console in less than a month.

Specifically, February 21 is the date designated for its arrival in both North America and Europe. The developer team has highlighted it through the PlayStation blog, where they remembered that the game includes new chapters, new scenarios and, in general, new elements. Although they do not add more information, they end up inviting new and veteran of the matter to join in the fun of the relatively old adventure.

Specifically, the game will hit the Playstation Network Store next February 21, so the wait is only one month until it becomes available.

In the technical section, we promise 1080p resolution, a stable sixty frames per second and support for PS4 Pro, plus all levels of PS3 and PS Vita deliveries will be available in ‘Malicious Fallen’ along with new levels and Heads designed for the PS4 game.


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