Mark Zuckerberg explains in clear what he intends with Facebook of the future

The founder of Facebook has published a text of nearly 6,000 words in which he talks about the mission of said social network to “build a global community” and comments how that contradicts several of the positions that are being taken in various governments around the world.

It indicates that globalization is in crisis, and that there is a strong movement to withdraw from the global connection, without specifically mentioning Trump. In UK they want to leave Europe, and that point is also treated as one of those movements, contrary to the philosophy of Facebook.

Zuckerberg describes his plans to use artificial intelligence to end terrorist propaganda, build new tools to foster civic engagement and incorporate additional insights and information in the news. In fact he comments on the controversy of the false news that generated so much noise in 2016, and indicates that both the accuracy of the information and the diversity of viewpoints that are published are priority issues within the company.

Now there are some real actions by Facebook to avoid spreading false news, working with facsimile testers, making partnerships with specialized companies and putting warning labels on suspicious information, but there is still a long way to go in this area.

You can read the complete note at

Facebook Notes : Build A Global Community


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