Medium is starting to implement its paid subscription model

Medium is already starting to implement its paid subscription model

After many months of internal changes and comments on monetization plans, the Medium team announced its subscription payment service.

While Medium will remain free, as clarified in its note, those users who opt for the subscription system will have a number of advantages, which promises better content and a new reading experience.

For example, premium users will have access to exclusive content from a selected group of writers. They will also be the first to test the new features that are being launched on the platform and their comments will be taken into account to improve the features. Another option mentioned is the ability to manage their personal reading list and have an offline mode to view the content.

The subscription system will have a launch price of $ 5 per month. This small amount will be used to pay writers and publishers, since they are clear that they want to have a free advertising platform.

At the moment, this payment subscription model is being tested with a limited group of people, by invitation. According to Ev Williams, soon this system will be open to all users.

Those who wish to purchase this subscription can request to be notified when it is already available.


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