Meet Firefox Photon, the new interface that will arrive this year to the browser


Below we are going to talk about the next design change that will arrive throughout this year to the user interface of the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox. Its code name is Photon and are already beginning to filter the first images belonging to this ambitious project with which the firm aims to win users and get closer to Google Chrome.

Everything indicates that if the plans of Mozilla go as planned, the Photon project will be part of the upcoming Firefox 57, which will be one of the most important launches for the firm in recent years. This new design will focus on WebExtensions, since, as most of you know, the classic add-ons that have been used so far, will no longer run in that version.

Keep in mind that the screenshots that have just been filtered about the new Firefox, at the moment these are models that can serve to give us an idea of how this new interface will be, although the final version may still undergo some changes. As we can see, from the beginning the browser home page changes substantially from the current version of the software.

firefox photon 1

firefox photon 2

firefox photon 3

We also find that the tabs are still shown in rectangular form and the address bar is still centered at the top of the browser window. However the icons have been modified enough and have been placed differently as we find them in Firefox today.

On the other hand the web reload button is located on the left side of the address bar and the ones on the right side have also been redesigned, although their functions are expected to be identical to the current ones. On the home page there are some new features such as an icon that shows several tips when clicking on it and where new users, who install Firefox for the first time, will find a little help with the main features of the Internet browser.

Among these new icons we can highlight the Sync function, the extensions, a search and configure privacy option. With all of this, the company intends to take a twist both externally and internally at the time of making use of its proposal to surf the Net and thereby attract a greater number of users and thus approach those of Chrome.


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