Meet Lucky, the New Bot of Google Allo Who Will Find GIFs For You

Lucky bot on Google Allo

Lucky, the bot that searches GIFs for you, arrives at Allo. Google intends to continue improving its latest instant messaging service: Google Allo. Having integrated custom themes and smart emojis into the application, as well as support for Chrome custom tabs, the big G now introduces us a new bot that will help us find animated images or GIFs in a simple way.

Lucky is the name that Google has christened this new bot as a reference to the popular phrase “I’m feeling lucky”, and its main use is to find animated images depending on the context of our message.

As we are told from 9to5Google, the bot in question has begun to be available to some users in the last hours, although everything seems to indicate that for the moment only a limited number of users can use the new functionality of the messaging service.

Its operation, as I said, will be the search for GIFs based on our messages. For example, if you send “I love you”. Lucky will give us an animated image with random hearts. To be able to invoke the bot, as always, it will be necessary to write its name followed by an “@”, to later introduce the message of which we want to obtain a GIF.

It is unknown if the new functionality of Google Allo will arrive in the next few hours to all users of the messaging service. Still, if you want to be one of the first to enjoy Lucky, we recommend downloading the latest version of the APKMirror application or install the updated app from the Google Play Store.


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