MEGA Privacy for Windows 10 to provide the most secure cloud storage


As cloud work is becoming increasingly widespread and used by millions of users around the world, the storage services of this kind are also growing in parallel. In fact, in some environments, these storage systems even outweigh the lifetime of a local storage systems.

For years it was usual to store our data on external hard disks or CDs and DVDs for handling multiple devices and that gave way to the pendrive and storage cards. However, the various platforms that have appeared in the market for a while now, that offers space in their servers so that we can access our information stored in the cloud from anywhere and any platform, has been a revolution in this regard.

However, it’s obvious as is often the case, not everything is as beautiful as painted at first. These platforms usually have their main weaknesses precisely in one of the sections that have been of worry to the Internet community for many years now; of course we are referring to the privacy of the content. Unfortunately, these services are usually offered to users with strict service conditions, that means the companies providing such spaces on their servers are free to spy on the content of these units online, if they so considered.

Moreover, other clauses that make it a priority to use their storage platforms, is that they explicitly prohibit the burden of elements that may infringe copyright, as well as content that may be considered obscene or bad taste. However there is a firm that has always managed to circumvent both standards for these working environments in Windows and now have just launched a new UWP application for Windows 10, both desktop and mobile version.

MEGA Privacy, Private Cloud Storage

This is the tool called MEGA Privacy, a secure cloud storage service that is in its Alpha version but that puts 50 GB of free space at our disposal. Unlike other online storage providers, data stored here is encrypted and decrypted only by the client’s devices, never by the company itself, which means that at no time they will know about what is contained in the servers.

They also allow us to upload files from our mobile devices and perform tasks such as searches, downloads, transmissions, share information, modify uploaded files or delete them at any time. Additionally, we even have the possibility to share our personal folders with other contacts and see their updates in real time. Of course, we must bear in mind that because everything is encrypted with a personal password, the company will not be able to reset our password in case we forget it and so we will lose all access to the saved data.

At the moment and being an Alpha version, it’s already available in the official Windows 10 store for testing by Beta testers. However, it is expected to be available for everyone real soon.


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