Meitu, a Perilous Mobile App

Meitu App

There is a new application called Meitu which seems to be one of the most liked among young people today. This app works like Snapchat or MSQRD style, with which through filters and different options you can retouch the pictures you take with your mobile phone.

Until then it could sound like any other popular application among the youth. However, it seems to be full of unusual code with which the company in charge of developing it might be taking information about certain preferences of the users.

Meitu takes some data from the mobile phone like IMEI and MAC addresses to share with a network of servers in China. The app itself does not show ads which shows something suspicious: how can it survive if you have no income through advertisers?

Luckily for iOS users, the operating system blocks the application’s request for this type of data, however, users with Android platform do not run with the same protection because the operating system allows to collect information from the IMEI addresses of its users.

Applications like Snapchat or Instagram have some similarities in their way of functioning in the machinery, they simply are not as aggressive or meddling in the data they collect like Meitu. It seems that geolocation is something to pay attention in the future, applications want to know where you are exactly, because with this, they can offer you much more targeted advertising and target to your interests with respect to your current location.

While such practices are banned by official app stores, developers do not seem to care about them in order to get some important information to offer you targeted advertising.


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