Messenger Day, the story function of Facebook Messenger is already worldwide

Messenger Day

Facebook copied the Snapchat Stories section in Instagram, and then did the same in Facebook messenger in a function that was only available among a small group of users. The function called as “Messenger Day”, begins today to be available in everyone on the latest version of android and iOS Messenger.

The operation of Messenger Day is quite simple. We just have to click on the camera button or the “add to your day” option (at the top of the inbox) and capture a photo to apply the right effects, including stickers (they have thousands of options available to customize the result, with frames, colors, texts …). The capture will be available in the same way as Instagram Stories: 24 hours until disappearing without a trace.

In the presentation note it is possible to see several captures with the operation of this new application within Messenger. We will see on the homepage, just like with Instagram which friends have updated their day recently and we will have controls to configure who can see what we publish and who does not.

Ephemeral messaging is fashionable. Snapchat is already listed on the stock exchange, with a spectacular first day and an expected reduction shortly thereafter, with a war open to Facebook, which insists on copying all its functions to occupy its space of action, and with tools that will gradually be integrated into Various chat platforms, surely including the omnipresent Whatsapp, also Facebook.

It’s time for the original, Snapchat, to move tab with something really relevant, otherwise, thier days will be counted.


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