Mevics wearable device measures and controls our posture and physical activity


One of the most booming sectors in recent years is wearable devices, gadgets that aim to help us become more active and control our health. Despite the popularity of some of them, there are many other alternatives that can get the attention of more than one. This is the case of Mevics, a wearable who is in charge of controlling our posture and physical activity.

As you can see in the image that is illustrated in this article, one of the first things that draw attention is the design of Mevics, which aims to go unnoticed. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that the small capsule placed on the clothes is connected to a device hidden under the clothes. The goal of Mevics is to demonstrate how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. For this, the wearable makes sure that we maintain a correct posture and breathing. In general, we could say that this is an interesting product for both athletes and people who do not usually play sports.

In addition to the above, Mevics is also able to keep a complete record of our activity by measuring the steps we have taken, the distance traveled and the calories we have burned throughout the day. Another of the uses for its creators is during the growth period, as it will help the little ones get used to sitting down well and avoid back problems in the future. Of course, Mevics is fully compatible with our smartphone, from where we can consult all the information collected.

At this point we cannot deny that it is a rather interesting device, although at the moment it is not yet marketed. Even so, you can get all the information available on the product website.


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