MICRO, the world’s smallest universal plug adapter

MICRO adapter

One of the most frequent problems encountered by users when traveling is the incompatibility of our electronic devices with the plugs of each country, something that we must be privy to in advance so as to acquire the necessary adapters. Over time we usually end up accumulating piles of adapters, which is impractical. That’s why MICRO, the world’s smallest universal plug adapter, has caught our attention.

As its creators said, MICRO is compatible in more than 150 countries spread across seven continents. Undoubtedly, one of its advantages is its excellent design, which ensures that we can transport the gadget in an easy way. Unlike other universal plug adapters available in the market, MICRO only weighs 40 grams. In general, its operation is very simple, since we only have to rotate or move the different pieces to adapt to very diverse plugs, from the Americans to the Australians going through all Europeans.

This universal plug adapter called MICRO is certain to make the list of things one need to posses. Additionally, it will be a great tool for people travels a lot on business or for pleasure. By using this, one can charge multiple gadgets and in different countries as well. So, now people can finally forget about the hassle of packing an adapter pertaining to the country they are visiting instead now they can just carry this universal adapter anywhere or at least in 150 countries they are made for.

Hence as expected, the interest generated by MICRO has been enormous. In fact, with 41 days remaining, the universal plug adapter has already managed to raise more than 71,000 of the 15,500 pounds originally requested. As for its price, it will be marketed for $ 45 as of December this year. You can watch the video presentation on the product page on Kickstarter.


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