Microsoft announces Skype Lite, an app designed to run under slow Internet connections

Today we echo a breaking news, and is that Microsoft CEO has just announced the arrival of Skype Lite, a version of Skype for Android specifically developed for countries with slow Internet connections. The announcement has been made public in the event “Future Decoded” that is currently taking place in India.

If we focus on some of the features highlighted by the application, Skype Lite weighs only 13MB, which will facilitate their download in those areas where download speeds are not what we are accustomed. In addition, the app will take advantage of the potential of the Skype Bot platform, so users can use bots capable of sending news of interest or travel deals.

In addition to facilitating communications via the Skype platform, Skype Lite will allow you to read and receive SMS messages and will have a section from which one can control the use of mobile data. As for its availability, at least for the time being it will only be possible to download Skype Lite from India as long as we have an Android device. As you can see, the application is now available for free through the following link to Google Play.

There is no doubt that this is most interesting time for Microsoft, so it would not be surprising that the technology giant was encouraged to launch the application in new regions.


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