Microsoft Announces The Arrival of Surface Enterprise to Europe

Last July, as part of the Surface Enterprise initiative, Microsoft announced the multinational sales program Surface, which included 4 vendors: CDE, Insight, SHI and Zones. The objective of the program is to facilitate the acquisition of Surface devices to business customers.

The growth of the program has been staggering. This is corroborated by the growth of sales of Surface equipment through the program, being in six months 10 times greater in the United States through the program. In addition, this program makes it easier for Microsoft partners to better serve their customers. Steve Juanario of Palo Alto Networks confirms this:

“It has been amazing to establish ourselves globally along with Zones. The speed and efficiency with which our prices have been fixed at the global level has facilitated the standardization of all our contracting of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Zones does it even better, allowing to order through its global portal, So that any of my employees can order the Surface, regardless of where in the world they are located.” – Steve Juanario, Palo Alto Networks

However, to date, this program was only available to companies based in the United States. Today, Microsoft reports that this program expands to Europe with three new partners: ATEA, Bechtle and Computacenter. In addition, it has also planned to expand the program to Asia as well. European based customers can benefit from this program by contacting their Microsoft account executives.


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