Microsoft Announces the WebRTC API and VP8 and H.264 / AVC Video Codecs for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft revealed that Microsoft Edge is updated in the build 15019 with WebRTC API and VP8 and H.264 / AVC Video Codecs.

Earlier this week we witnessed the release of build 15019 with one of the most anticipated updates for Creators Update: Game Mode, which Dona Sarkar herself reported had errors; Another news that came days later were the alleged references to Windows 10 Cloud in the “Product Key” of the already named build 15019.

That said, now Microsoft has also announced that Microsoft Edge Preview was updated in the build launched a week ago with the WebRTC API 1.0, H.264 / AVC and VP8 video codecs for real-time communication:

WebRTC, also known as Web Real-Time Communications, is an open-source project powered by Google, Mozilla and Now Microsoft that allows real-time communications without plug-ins via a Javascript API. It facilitates the applications of voice calls, video chat and file sharing between browsers. The codec currently supported for WebRTC is VP8. WebRTC uses a server called Web Conferencing Server that in conjunction with a STUN Server is required to provide the home page and synchronize the connections between two WebRTC nodes.

As for the video codecs Microsoft claims that there is an interoperability between the H.264 / AVC and VP8, which provides compatibility with the real-time communications stack for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge RTC as well as other major browsers.

Also the other improvements that Microsoft Edge received with the build 15019 were published on HitechGazette a few hours ago, you also read this article with all the details.


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