Microsoft Brings Links Expiration Feature for OneDrive Premium Users

onedrive premium

With no official announcement in place, Microsoft has launched the expired links feature for OneDrive Premium subscribers.

With this users can now share links in which they will be able to program the period of validity for these links. So, once the programmed validity period, which is the available time period of this link that was programmed by the user, is over then the shared means from these links will no longer be accessible.

This is not to remove the shared means so that the recipients to whom these links are made available may have the possibility to make copies of the media. However it is pointed out from Microsoft, as an additional layer of security that the company now carries for OneDrive Premium users.

To point this out specifically and in this respect that this function is customary in service versions focused on the professional sector when in fact it was already available in OneDrive for Business and something similar is also available for users of Dropbox Plus seems a bit odd.

Basically, it is about taking a function to non-professional account users which is fairly regular for professional accounts. In this regard, OneDrive Premium users are also subscriber users of Office 365 in their Home or Personal modes.

In no scenario as it seems will it be available to users who have opted only for OneDrive hosting plans. Till date it seems like these users will not have access to this particular feature but who knows maybe in the future Microsoft may even extend it to them. The thing about Microsoft is that there are so many new services made available everyday that some similar service can be made available for non-professional users as well, just to get them in habit of using it. However, no one can tell for sure what awaits us in the future. Hence, the only thing left to do is to wait and lookout for new information.


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