Microsoft details how the “Game Mode” of Windows 10 Creators Update works

windows 10 game mode

Almost every day we talk about new features and features that slowly are becoming public and that refer directly to the update Creators Update for Windows 10 that will reach our PC next month.

One of the most striking feature among a large number of users is what has been called “Game Mode” and we have already talked about these occasions in recent weeks.

By means of this new functionality which we will see this year, Microsoft initially aims to boost the performance of the games in its system. However, until now the company had only provided some information on how this new function should work internally.

To say that at the Game Developers Conference, Eric Walston, a member of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, has spoken more in-depth about the “Game Mode” which is intended to provide an improved user experience when it comes to running games In Windows 10, all based on the hardware available in each case.

Specifically, it states that the “Game Mode” was designed to prioritize the main process of executing the game by allocating as many resources as possible. In this way, both the CPU and the GPU of the computer will go through a series of adjustments once this feature is enabled. The final objective of this mode is to make your system allocate most of its resources while playing games and make it the main priority for the operating system.

Microsoft explains how the “Game Mode” of Windows 10 works

Thus most of the CPU cores of the computer will be used to carry out the execution of the game, while the rest will be in charge of the vital processes for the operating system to remain in operation. It is put as an example that in the case of having an eight-core processor, six of them will be used only for the game itself. So in essence, what Microsoft is trying to do is to use as many CPU cores as possible to power the game and make it as fluid as possible, all depending on the components that each user has on his computer.

On the other hand, in the case of the GPU, the operating system will use a method already implemented, that is, prioritize the window that is currently active. That way most of the GPU cycles will also be allocated to the game, while the rest of the running processes will receive a reduced amount of GPU memory to increase the performance of the game.


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