Microsoft Details The New Features That Edge Will Receive With Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Edge is our default browser since we have Windows 10 on our computers. It is not only a solvent browser, but has also proven to be energy efficient and secure. Today, Microsoft details the news that will come to Microsoft Edge with Creators Update.

Organize your navigation

As we saw recently, a feature set has been added for tab management to Microsoft Edge. With this, they try to solve the disorder and chaos when it comes to surfing and of course, prevent us from losing tabs. These features are available to Insiders.

Thanks to these new features, we will have a thumbnail preview of the open tabs, as well as we can separate a group of tabs in an instant to start other searches. These tabs will not be lost, and we can restore them in a very simple way. A clean, simple and immersive way to navigate.

There’s still a lot to see

Every day we are more immersed in the world of virtual reality and mixed reality, therefore, Microsoft software adapts to it. At the moment, there are few websites that offer 3D content so that we can interact with virtual worlds, but it is a moving upward. Thus, Microsoft Edge prepares to support WebVR, so that we can enjoy 3D content along with Windows Mixed Reality.

We recently saw how Microsoft Edge and its epub reader made sense thanks to the eBook store that Microsoft will offer directly in the Windows store with Creators Update. Microsoft Edge will allow us to customize our experience, either by changing the background, font, or using themes. In addition, it will have integration with Cortana.

Epub reader on Microsoft Edge

Epub reader on Microsoft Edge is integrated with the Windows 10 eBook store. How many of us have chosen to migrate our purchases to the online market? Microsoft knows that online trading is booming, and you have your web browser ready for it. Thanks to the API that they presented at the end of 2016, Microsoft Wallet will be integrated with the website supporting this feature. This provides a simplified and secure payment method.

Extensions on Microsoft Edge

Extensions on Microsoft Edge are already a reality, but development has not stalled around these useful tools. Extension developers now have access to 30% more APIs, including access to favorites, roaming data between computers, and the ability to communicate securely with other applications installed. Some of the extensions that already benefit from this are Ebates, TrueKey, Ghostery or Roboform.

Microsoft Edge will not only be endowed with new features, but also work on creating a safe, efficient and fast browser. Although Microsoft’s browser is already the leader in terms of security, performance and energy management, its development in these areas will not cease. Whether it is to learn, play, create or share on the web, Microsoft is committed to offering the best browser possible to everyone.


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