Microsoft does not want antivirus monopoly in Windows 10

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Connecting to the Internet without an antivirus is very dangerous due to the wide variety of computer threats that are constantly looking for new victims. However, the default security of operating systems is not the same as few years ago and the antivirus software is becoming less and less necessary, especially with the advent of Windows 10 Creators Update. Large companies that live on security, such as Kaspersky, see Windows Defender as a serious threat to their business.

Windows Defender is the antivirus installed by default in modern versions of Windows. Although for some time to rely on this antivirus was like having no security software installed. In recent months Microsoft has worked very hard to improve its security software and with the advent of Windows 10 Creators Update, it has become an excellent security tool. It is able to protect users virtually from any computer threat and it is equal, or even better, than professional security suites, generating fear in security companies.

In order to provide the best security for users, Microsoft implemented a number of features in its operating system that prevent the user from being unprotected at any time. One of the most controversial, in addition to the fact that this security software is activated from the outset, is that, if an antivirus license expires, the operating system deactivates it completely and activates Windows Defender to continue protecting users.

Windows 10 Creators Update Windows Defender

Since the introduction of the new Windows Defender and the security measures in November 2016, Microsoft has been accused of monopoly and unfair competition by major security companies and is even threatened with lawsuits. Fortunately, the company does not seek to discredit large security companies and is therefore currently working on implementing new solutions that do not harm these security companies or endanger users.

Kaspersky will not sue Microsoft for a monopoly, although it will look for ways to give the user the possibility of choosing an antivirus.

One of the companies that more closely working with Microsoft is Kaspersky, a security company that was also one of the first threats to sue the company responsible for Windows Defender. In a statement, Kaspersky spokesmen have said that they are currently sending suggestions to Microsoft and Microsoft are implementing some changes in the operating system so as not to harm this security software.

If all goes well, the company is not going to sue Microsoft, but says it is currently studying legal ways to send a request to the European Union, Russia and other market commission, to force Microsoft to respect the rules of free trade, as it happened in the past with web browsers when it was accused of total control with Internet Explorer as the default browser.

Kaspersky opens doors to other security companies and will have a discussion on how Windows Defender and third-party antivirus can be maintained in the market with equality, being the user who finally choose the software they want to use.


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