Microsoft Edge: Features Coming with Creators Update

With the next major update of Windows 10 coming (Creators Update), the Microsoft Edge browser will receive new features. Although Edge is just gaining market share, but it is still has is far behind Firefox and Chrome browser. It seems that people are reluctant to change or to try alternatives. Here you have to keep in mind one thing, that to stay ahead of the competition companies should update browsers more often, so every little time it receive improvements.

Microsoft Edge is a good browser for some users, but still has some shortcomings; many of them will be solved with the arrival of Creators Update. For a start we will find an improved preview, at the top of the browser which will make the web content in each tab look much bigger. In the upper left they have implemented a new button that serves to better organize the pages that we visited.

From the taskbar and by right-clicking with the mouse we will have a new option, open a new window to navigate privately and thus leave no trace. It will also be possible to make electronic payments through Microsoft Wallet. And finally, something that many users expect, the ability to read e-books natively from Edge.

The new feature of reading eBooks will allow the following:

  • See the index of the book. At all times it is possible to consult the index of the book and go to a specific page with one touch.
  • Save the page. You can mark the last page read or any line that has been interesting to you. It will also have the marker function.
  • Searches. This is something that cannot be missed, it will be possible to easily search for a word or phrase.
  • The text can be customized. Font size as well as style will be customizable. There will be 6 different fonts to choose from.

There is still much more! That’s right, to start saying goodbye to Adobe Flash, Microsoft Edge will focus on displaying the content in HTML5. It will also have support for WebVR, so users with virtual reality glasses can take more advantage of them. Apart from this it will add improvements in performance, stability and error correction.


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