Microsoft Expands Collaborative Features to Flow

Last April Microsoft introduced its new service, named Microsoft Flow. They created an automation tool online service, with the aim of competing with other tools such as IFTTT or Zapier. Since then, the company has continued to bet on Flow, adding new services and connectors, as well as betting on companies with its partner program.

Today, the Satya Nadella led company announced Team Flows, allowing Flows created to be managed and maintained by a team within a company. In this way, even if an employee is not present in the company can still work. The teams that manage the Flows can perform the following actions:

  • Read, update or delete a flow.
  • View the history and debug the flow.
  • Add or remove other administrators.
  • Add or remove connections to which the flow has access.

Unlike other Microsoft Flow features, Team Flows are only available in service payment plans. In addition, the Redmond have included API support, so we can create a custom API for a web service, which allows us to connect to Microsoft Flow. In addition, the team has taken advantage to announce that Flow has full support for Gmail, so we can schedule an action when receiving an email or some action more specific emails that include certain words in the subject or have high priority.


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