Microsoft is working to solve the problems of ‘GTA IV’ on Xbox One platform

In a previous news, we already informed that the version for Xbox One of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ and its corresponding expansions were having problems inside this platform.

The problem is that despite the fact that the game is able to take advantage of the power of the console to run more FPS, these frames problems in their rhythm are causing a greater latency in the control and a much slower and heavier experience, despite that the game as such works in a more fluid way than in its original version.

Many users thought that to fix it was as simple as capturing the FPS to 30, but as Bill Stillwell explained on Twitter, the solution is not so simple, but they are already working on it from Microsoft.

Until Microsoft can solve these problems, the best option will be to play in the version for Xbox 360. In case you can only play it on Xbox One, then it would be advisable to wait for Microsoft to fix this bug.

The team has already started working to fix this bug and within few weeks will launch an update that will fix this problem.


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