Microsoft patches Windows in just a few hours after the last leak of Shadow Brokers


As it happened in the middle of last year, the well-known group of hackers Shadow Brokers are carrying out a series of operations since the last few days. Some of their actions affect and compromise a good number of systems and equipment around the world.

In fact, in previous hours they re-published a new collection of exploits that directly affected some of the versions of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows. According to the aforementioned group of hackers, these exploits were used by the NSA and it was a series of zero-day attacks that compromised the security and privacy of the Redmond software.

However in this case Microsoft engineers have acted quickly and in the shortest possible time they made a patch for such exploit leakage which is potentially dangerous to users of their systems. The security threat is apparently reduced in just few hours. In fact the company itself has already announced today that its security experts have analyzed these leaks and zero-day attacks while ensuring that most of them have already been patched.

It should be noted that these recently released patches are valid for versions of Windows 7 and above, which means that all those computers who still have older versions of the system such as Windows XP or Vista, could be vulnerable to these newly filtered attacks.

It should be noted that after the leaks of the exploits carried out by Shadow Brokers, some security experts advised many users of Microsoft software to shut down their machines over this weekend to avoid risks until it was solved. It is precisely for this reason that the technological giant had to ‘put the batteries’ and try to patch security failures in the shortest possible time.

If we are running Windows 7 or higher and have properly updated our computers, then we are protected from these attacks. As advised by Microsoft, people using previous versions of Windows prior to Windows 7 should start thinking about updating the computer’s operating system.


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