Microsoft plans a radical change for Edge in Redstone 3

Microsoft Edge

When Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system in mid-2015, it was an important commitment for the company as the expectations put in this new software of reference were enormous. Something similar happened with other programs and services directly associated with this, as is the case of Edge, the web browser.

However, one way or another after almost two years, the Redmond firm has attained very less market penetration figures then it had originally planned. However, much more worrying is the case of Internet browser, which is still the software to move through the default Network for Windows 10. Its acceptance does not exceed 5% of users, far from the almost 60% of Google Chrome, to get to the other end.

It’s true that in the recently released Windows 10 update, Creators Update, like many in the past with other updates of the same system, Microsoft has incorporated important improvements for this particular Internet software, but this doesn’t seem enough as well. Hence, for the upcoming Redstone 3, that the same firm plans to make available for everyone by the end of this year, is expected to introduce a lot of new features. However, they also want a radical change in a way that Edge will improve over time.

Edge will update much more frequently

By this, we mean that one of these new features is specifically directed to the way in which the browser will start receiving updates after the launch of the aforementioned Redstone 3. Thereafter it will start receiving updates through the Windows 10 official store. This is a very important change for the future of Edge, as until now it was only being updated when new versions of the brand’s operating system would arrive, which was not enough to satisfy the needs of users and attract new Adepts

This means that it only received new features twice a year, according to the major Windows 10 updates program to date. There is no doubt that this system of renovations and improvements for a browser with which it has tried to compete against the greatest of the moment, puts it well behind these and at a clear disadvantage. However, it is necessary to take into account that the most direct competitors are updated monthly, or even more frequently in some cases.

That’s why with Windows 10 Redstone 3, all this is going to change. As now Microsoft wants to deliver updates for Edge through the system’s own official store and as this software is developed as a UWP, its update system will adopt a strategy similar to others like Office or Groove Music.


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