Microsoft quits Windows Vista: it’s time to upgrade


Microsoft had serious problems for years with Windows XP, which was abandoned in April 2014 and over the years has maintained a really broad market share. In fact, it has not been so far when ATMs have started adopting Windows 10, although ATMs are obviously not the most worrisome systems. In any case, now the its Windows Vista’s turn, which from yesterday no longer receives official technical support from Microsoft, its already an obsolete operating system.

The obsolescence of the software is not necessarily given because there are later versions as in the case of Windows Vista, it has Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 ahead, but Microsoft justified to end its technical support. In the case of Windows Vista the support was extended until April 11, 2017 with periodic updates focused on maintaining a good level of security. This is when Windows Vista has become obsolete, and it is important to update if it is installed on your computer.

Windows Vista stops receiving support, it is important to upgrade to another version

Windows Vista is no longer safe, as our colleagues explain, because there will be no more updates of any type for the operating system, and therefore will stop taking care of potential malware threats, among others. We could upgrade to Windows 7, for example, which stopped receiving standard support in January of last year 2015, but remains within the extended support period until 2020. Or Windows 8, which will receive standard support until January 2018, and extended support until the year 2023.

The most interesting thing would be to upgrade to Windows 10. Simply because it’s the latest Microsoft operating system, and it involves more and more new features, interface changes, performance improvements and increased security. It has received harsh criticism for the aggressive telemetry system as well as compatibility issues with certain hardware components or software programs. But the truth is, in terms of security it should be the most convenient, and as for the official technical support, is undoubtedly the most recommended option.


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