Microsoft Removes All References to Minecraft for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft seems very willing to abandon Windows 10 Mobile, as it never refers to its mobile operating system, or even the most important, its strategy for hits OS. This is one of the reasons why different developers of applications for Windows 10 Mobile have been seeing leaving the platform.

But at least a few days ago there was a light of hope. Minecraft would return to Windows 10 Mobile as a UWP, it was very good to be true, since Microsoft has deleted the line that referred to Minecraft beta 1.0.3 as UWP.

If you want to see it on your own, here is the cache version 3 days ago, but if you do not want to take the trouble, then we bring you the images before and after:

These two images are the records of changes that will be with Minecraft beta 1.0.3. This infuriated Minecraft users of Windows 10 Mobile on reddit. Some even blame Microsoft for not only abandoning them, but also making fun of them.

Microsoft obviously has not offered comments on this crash, but it is worth mentioning that Minecraft PE will stop receiving updates on Windows phones.

As for the Windows 10 Mobile version of Minecraft, there was absolutely no confirmation that it would be released, so it is still just a dream that the company does not want to deny or do not want to take it lightly.

This makes sense, since as we mentioned above, they rarely talk about their mobile strategy, which in turn creates uncertainty, which translates into more and more developers leaving Windows 10 Mobile abandoned.

Meanwhile, the next update of Minecraft beta 1.0.3 will only be released to PCs, so the only thing we can do now is to hope that, at some point, a mobile version will also arrive.


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