Microsoft Reveals More Details on Game Mode That Will Reach Windows 10

windows 10 game mode

The game mode for Windows 10 has been an important topic for many players, since it could help many users to improve the experience inside games that squeeze the maximum of their computers. In a new video that you can find at the end of the story, the Microsoft team has explained in more detail what they are looking for with this mode.

Game mode:
This mode will seek to offer players a better experience within the games in two ways: increasing the overall frame rate and increasing consistency in the game FPS.

The update that will include this mode will also add the gaming section to the Windows options, making it possible to configure some things in a simpler way.

When we have this mode active in any game that has support, Windows will prioritize the game that we have open when it comes to distributing the resources that we have on our pc.

At the moment, they are not sure that all the games can count on support for this mode, but all the games of the store of Windows like ‘Forza Horizon 3’ or ‘Gears of War 4’, will come with support, as well as the most games already available in Windows.

This update is now available to Windows insiders, who will find fault and improve these changes. The rest of the players will have to wait for the update that will arrive in the spring of this year to enjoy gaming on your Windows 10 PC.


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