Microsoft Spectator View for HoloLens lets you create holographic videos

The HoloLens already incorporates the possibility of sharing what is being seen live, but they were not able to share an image in high quality. Now with this new Spectator View mode we can record to the highest quality, and even take pictures of digital holograms.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies that are very fashionable lately. Software and Hardware developers are discovering a number of potential uses for both technologies.

Microsoft took this into account from the first moment and taught the Microsoft HoloLens in virtually every event where they are going to talk about them or show some novelty, we always see a poor man on the scene carrying a huge camera, thanks to the which we can see what the person wearing the HoloLens is seeing.

Finally, any fortunate (or rather lucky company) that currently has a HoloLens, can already show a whole audience what is shown in the HoloLens with the new Spectator View.

Luckily you will not need a video camera specially designed for the HoloLens. Simply with a camera that supports HDMI output, a tripod and a HoloLens we can record in the highest quality what is being seen on stage.

Needing another HoloLens drive for this may seem expensive, but it’s certainly much more economical than purchasing a Red Epic Dragon camera model like those used by Microsoft in its submissions that costs between $15,000-$50,000.

Little by little Microsoft continues to add features to the HoloLens. It does not seem that in the short term they will have a lot of competition, since Magic Leap that was their main competitor we saw a few days ago were still very far from obtaining a device as compact as the HoloLens.


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