Microsoft starts working to fix the bug that breaks System Restore in Windows 10

Windows 10 update

There are only a few weeks left for Microsoft to release Windows 10 Creators Update, with the RTM release just a week away. The major updates, despite being tested by millions of users, end up coming with some failures that Microsoft usually rushes to fix.

Before this great bundle of innovations arrives, Microsoft has released cumulative update KB4013429. This update was released in recent days, and although at first seemed to go well, this has begun to cause problems for users. Most were initially referred to error 0x800F0922 in their installation, generating the error after a failed installation. In addition, this update broke the Windows file browser, Internet Explorer, and System Restore as well as the Windows DVD Player function.

Worst of all is that, in addition to breaking these functions, the function to “reset” the PC also does not work properly. This feature, introduced a few months ago, allows you to restore the operating system to a clean installation without any program, and with all updates installed.

Microsoft has said it is aware of the flaws that this new update is causing, and are working to offer a solution as quickly as possible. The failure of the System Restore function is 0x80070091, causing the process not to complete and leave the users helpless, with an operating system throwing errors and not being able to go back to previous versions where everything worked correctly.

The error that appears when trying to restore the system says:


System Restore failed while restoring the directory from the restore point.

Source: AppxStaging

Destination:% ProgramFiles% \ WindowsApps

An unspecified error occurred during System Restore. (0x80070091)

The solution that Microsoft offers at the moment is to start the computer in Safe Mode, right click the start button, open Command Prompt with administrator permissions, and enter:

Cd C: \ Program Files

Takeown / f WindowsApps / r / d Y

Icacls WindowsApps / grant “% USERDOMAIN% \% USERNAME%” 🙁 F) / t

Attrib WindowsApps -h

Rename WindowsApps WindowsApps.old

Once the commands have been entered and executed, we restart the computer and try to run System Restore again, and the process should work properly. Microsoft has not reported any estimated date for the solution, so for the moment the best thing you can do is try the solution we described above.

Another option if you get back to the previous update in System Restore is to manually install the update from the Windows 10 update catalog.


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