Microsoft to launch new feature in Windows 10 to prevent unwanted installations

We return to talk about the next major update of Windows 10 that will take place in the month of April as it will integrate a new optional feature that will prevent the installation of unwanted applications. Let me point out in this regard that this function will be disabled by default although once activated, it will alert users whenever they want to install a classic Win32 application, warning them that the applications available through the Windows Store are safe and reliable.

This new function has two modes of operation which on the one hand will alert users and completely prevent the installation of applications outside the Windows Store and on the other hand will alert users, although they may ignore warnings and proceed with the facilities they have planned from any source. We point out again that this is a new feature is of optional character and deactivated by default.

This feature is aimed at those users with little technical knowledge who want to have applications that cannot cause problems in their computers. Such users want Windows to take them to the Windows Store where they can find secure applications to meet many of their needs. It is also helpful for those entities who wish to maintain greater control over the use made by the different members of the teams that are made available to them, whether schools, companies, organizations, among others.

In addition, in the Windows Store there is also a feature called Desktop App Converter that allows the conversion of Win32 applications to universal applications. According to that medium, Microsoft is also working on a new version of Windows 10 that will completely prevent the installation of Win32 applications, something that will have to pay particular attention to know in detail its operation.

It will be a matter of waiting for the remaining time until the next update to get to know this and other new features that will include the new Windows 10 update.


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