Microsoft updates the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 users will see a number of new features when using the Calendar and Mail apps. The Mail app receives some of the features we already know from, such as the options that allow us to focus only on the most important emails.

For this dynamic to work and show us the emails that are relevant, will take into account the type of content of the email, the most frequent contacts, among other criteria. Based on these parameters it will throw all the important mails in the “Focused” tab and the rest in “Other”.

And as this system is not perfect, we will be given the option to change emails that are not in the correct tab.

We can also use @ to mention contacts within our emails. The avatar of the contact that we have mentioned will appear and will be automatically integrated in the text.

And as for the Calendar app, we will have a series of colors to differentiate the events that we are creating. You can also add calendars of popular events, such as sports events.

And for the schedule of our calendar is complete, this update cannot be missing new configuration options to keep us abreast of the flights and reservations we have made.

All these characteristics will be gradually deployed to all users.

Source: Windows Blog


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