Microsoft upgrades Office 2016 to support MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Microsoft today upgraded Office 2016 for Mac and as Apple promised at its October event, the suite now includes Touch Bar support. As Microsoft itself indicates, by being compatible with this feature, the Touch Bar will begin to show us the “most relevant commands” of Office available in the touch bar.

After a short beta period, all users of Microsoft Office 2016 with a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can make use of this functionality in Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook. If you do not have automatic updates turned on, go to Help> Check for updates in the menu bar of any of the Office programs.

To summarize what we can find in the Touch Bar, in the case of Word we will have the possibility to add photographs, links or apply styles. You can also use it to insert comments, photos, or hyperlinks.

In the case of Powerpoint, with the Touch Bar we can manipulate graphical elements, initiate a presentation, rearrange objects within a slide, and even, easily rotate an object to obtain the correct angle.

Of course the functionality also comes to Excel, where we will have access to some of the most common formulas. And finally, with the Touch Bar in Outlook we can create a new mail, attach a file, and also view the events of the day’s calendar.

One of the most interesting features of this update is ‘Word Focus Mode’, which is only present in Word. This functionality hides all the bars and buttons on the screen so that you only focus on typing.

The other applications incorporate shortcuts to manipulate graphics (Powerpoint), use recent functions (Excel) and access recent elements (Outlook), among other features.

Source: Microsoft Office Blog


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