Microsoft’s Cortana is updated for iOS version

Microsoft’s Cortana is updated for iOS version

Microsoft has announced a new update of Cortana for iOS with a lot of visual novelties. Cortana version 2.0 for the apple operating system comes after the mentioned Android update this week. Microsoft is continuing to develop Cortana. With the new update many news features have been added to Microsoft’s virtual assistant app.
Here are the new features of this version for iOS:

  • A new look with an improved user experience
  • Redesign of call interfaces, text messages and reminders
  • More complete answers to the entire page
  • Faster page transitions and greater responsiveness of the application

These new features coming to Cortana, along with the updated version, looks like it will heat up the competition with Siri!

Watch this official video which present us all the features of this new version of the app.

With this recent update by Microsoft, it aims to attracts attention of iOS users with its modern and stylish design. Along with its refreshed design and significant improvements in functionality, Microsoft will now offer users better search results with quick updates.

Continuing the competition with Siri tightly, Cortana aims to offer a beautiful virtual assistant experience to iOS users with its refreshed interface and features. If you have iOS device and want to try Cortana, you can do it by downloading it from the App Store with this link.

Try and use this application and let us know about your experience. Do you think it can give tough competition to Siri?


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