Microsoft’s first CloudBook specifications leaked

windows 10 cloudbook

Many users and companies are waiting for the arrival of the presentation that the software giant, Microsoft plans to carry out on May 2 in New York City. It is expected to present various products of the firm related to both the Windows system and its office suite, MS Office.

As many of you already know, throughout this year Windows users will receive two major updates corresponding to Windows 10 that are intended to greatly improve the product, the recently launched Creators Update, and Redstone 3 that will reach by end of 2017. However, in addition to these updates, other important developments that are expected to come in our hands soon is a new version of Windows 10, specifically we refer to Windows 10 Cloud.

Everything indicates that the first signs of this new version of the system will be present in the aforementioned event of May 2, although possibly the surprises will not end there. For some time now, we have been talking about a team from Redmond itself that would be specially designed to work with Windows 10 Cloud, computers that some have already named as “CloudBook” which could be a tough contender for Google’s ChromeBook.

In fact, it seems that the environment and the type of use that both products are intended for is very similar. So, the gradual growth that the ChromeBook have been receiving in recent years could be greatly restrained by the launch of Microsoft’s “CloudBook”. One of the main goals for which the “CloudBook” could be directed, as with the aforementioned Google products, would be education, for which the Windows 10 Cloud would play a fundamental role.

A few hours ago it has been made public by a series of leaks in which we can already see the first most important specifications of these new Microsoft equipment and that we exposed in these same lines.

Microsoft CloudBook Filtered Specifications

  1. CPU: Quad-core Celeron
  2. RAM: 4 GB
  3. Storage: eMMC or SSD 32 GB and 64 GB for Windows Cloud 64-bit
  4. Battery life: 10 hours
  5. Touch screen

Although there are still many more details to be announced officially, the truth is as you can see, these new equipment would be direct competition for Google devices. Although we still have to wait a while to see if the Company Redmond is positioned this in an official way in the respect it is still unknown that it will, even on May 2.


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