Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition debuts on May 11


One of the announcements that arrived today via Nintendo Direct was the launch date of Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition, which will arrive digitally on May 11 and later in physical version but its date is unknown. Despite having a limited release in terms of titles, this week the company decided to announce the games that are expected for the Nintendo Switch, which will premiere Minecraft too.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition contains all the features of the popular Mojang game and will allow Switch users to enjoy the creative mode and survival mode where creations will be vital to face the dangers that the world of Minecraft presents to us.

One of the features that contains Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is the possibility to gather 8 players online and 4 players locally where you can use Switch in TV mode or separately in its portable mode.

As a plus for Nintendo fans, Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition will include the Super Mario Mashup Pack, where you can play and explore the classic Super Mario worlds.

Other video games coming to the Nintendo Switch

Among the announcements of Nintendo, is the launch of ARMS on June 16, which will also feature a special edition of Joy Con controls in yellow fluorescent to be sold separately.

Lovers of the Nintendo Switch will have to wait till July 21 for the release of Splatoon 2, better known for being a funny title in which the objective is to paint the ground with any color and paint everything that you find in your way. The announcement that the Nintendo Switch will debut Minecraft is the most attractive. The company even plans to bring the traditional Monopoly to the console.


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